Prague Metro C Map, Schedules, Ticket Price

Prague Metro C

Prague Metro C crosses the city from the south to the north. It connects the stations of Háje in the south, to Letňany in the north, through the center of Prague.
Inaugurated in 1974, line C of the metro of Prague was then slowly modified and enlarged over the next decades. The last important amendment was the enlargement of the northern part of the line to terminus station Letňany in 2008. The total length of Metro C line is 22.4 kilometers, it serves 20 stations. You can have a look below on the Prague metro C map.

Metro C map

Prague metro C map
Prague metro C map

Tourist attractions on Metro C line

Metro C is a useful line on a tourist point of view. It serves different important tourist sites.

  • The Basilica of Vyšehrad is located close to station Vyšehrad.
  • Wenceslas Square and the National Museum are served by station Muzeum.
  • Prague Central Train Station is located at metro station Hlavní nádraží. You can take there a train to Germany, Poland or Austria for example.
  • The International Bus Station is served by metro station Florenc. Bus connections are available there to many different European destinations.
  • The Prague Zoo and the Botanic Garden are accessible from Nádraží Holešovice station. You will then need to take bus line 112 to reach both sites.

Metro C stations

Line C of the metro of Prague was mainly constructed to allow people living in the south and the north of Prague to join the city center. It is also used to reach the Prague Central Train Station. There are therefore different important stations on the line.

  • Vyšehrad station serves the touristic neighborhood of Vyšehrad. It is one of the oldest part of Prague, where you can visit the fortress, the basilica and the cemetery where many important Czech personalities are buried.
  • Muzeum metro station is located on the top of Wenceslas Square, next to the National Museum. There is a connection to metro A.
  • Hlavní nádraží station serves Prague Central train station, where you can take a train to Vienna for example.
  • Florenc metro station serves the International bus station, where bus lines are available to many european destinations. There is a connection to metro B.
  • Nádraží Holešovice station is located next to the Holešovice train station, where you can take a train to the northern part of the Czech Republic. You can take a bus there to reach the Prague Zoo and the Botanic Garden.

Metro C offers connections to the following metro lines

Ticket price

The standard metro ticket price in Prague is 32 CZK, it is valid for 90 minutes, between the moment you punch the ticket into the validation machine at the entrance of the metro station, to the moment you exit the metro area. However, if you think your journey will be quick, you can take a short-term ticket which costs 24 CZK, which is valid for 30 minutes only. If needed, you can also purchase a ticket for 24 hours, which costs 110 CZK.

Metro C timetable

Prague metro C runs every day of the week including saturdays, sundays and holidays. It runs every 2 to 10 minutes on weekdays, and every 6 to 10 minutes on weekends.

The first metro leaves station Háje at 4:34 and station Letňany at 4:44 every day, including weekends.
The last metro leaves stations Háje and Letňany at 0:04 every day, including weekends.